Get your garden ready for summer

The long-awaited warmth has come, which means it’s time to open the summer season. An integral part of the country house is a garden, and we will talk about him today. Of course, the preliminary work on preparing the garden for the new season has already begun: at home the seedlings of vegetables and flowers have grown; planting material, inventory and various garden “trifles” are gradually being bought. All this adjusts to happy summer thoughts. Well, the garden now needs so “general cleaning”! The garden will thank you for it.

The beginning of the season is a holiday for your garden, and for the holiday it must necessarily “dress up”.

Get your garden ready for summerPrimary initiate:

So, for preparing garden for summer the first thing to do is to clear the area of ​​debris. But not only the site itself, should attention also be paid to the territory adjacent to it. A neat, well-groomed garden begins, as they say, from the “threshold”. Remove all winter shelters from conifers and ornamental plants: roses, rhododendrons, clematis, forsythia and Japanese quince, alpine plants, as well as all new perennial and bulbous plantings that you made in the fall.

Also open the planting raspberries, garlic and strawberries, remove the protective strapping from the fruit trees. If you covered a decorative pond for the winter, it is time to open it. Pay special attention to the lawn: brush it with a fan rake from the “felt” – overwintered grass, which now will interfere with the restoration of greenery.

In flower beds, remove overwintered perennial weeds, cut off those perennials that did not have time to cut in the fall. Now we need to loosen the ground in flower beds : this is how the roots get oxygen, and the look of the flower beds will be well-groomed now. The paved tracks sweep and then rinse with water from a hose. Get garden furniture. Arrange in the garden collapsible trellis for plants.

Trimming and pruning:

Now you can pruning trees and shrubs and these are the steps to get your garden ready for summer, if you could not do it in March. Spend the first feeding of the garden, and do not forget about the hvoyniki – they are fed before anyone, immediately after the snow melted. Inspect the trunks of trees and clean them from lichens, it is better to do it with a stiff brush in wet weather.

It is already possible to plant and replant seedlings and young trees, as well as engage in grafting fruit crops. Prystvolnye circles must dig and loosen.

If you have a stationary greenhouse, properly loosen the ground in it, add the necessary fertilizers. If your greenhouse collapsible, it’s time to install it on the site. Spill the ground in the greenhouse with hot water to warm it up. In the greenhouse you can sow radishes, lettuce, dill, cabbage for seedlings and onions for greens.

preparing garden for summer

Here are a few ideas:

Decorate the garden with new plants, supplement it with water elements, plan a new flower garden, make a small composition of stones, arrange new, original containers for flowers, purchase a couple of new garden figures, and a few solar lamps. These simple ways to get your garden ready for summer will allow you to update the garden quickly and with pleasure!

Summer is a time of carefree happiness! And to feel the courage and inspiration, take the first step – any of the above. You will love your new garden! And we in the following materials will share with you new ideas.