Why do hotels use white sheets

Hotel sheets are usually white. Although it is more and more common to see sheets and towels of other colors, the preference for white still dominates in most hotels. Far from being a random choice, this preferences hotels keep sheets white for the needs of the hotel industry.

First, considering the aspect of cleanliness: hygiene is an important element in a hotel room, the white sheets can be washed and treated with disinfectants to make them clean. It immediately detects any sign of dirt, which reassures the customer as to the care invested in the hygiene of the premises. This is also what you look for in a hotel.

Then the white sheets are interchangeable. In the case of sheets with specific patterns or colors, it would be necessary to put the sheets back in the rooms from where they were taken after cleaning. A task, that can quickly become painful in high capacity hotels. These interchangeable sheets are suitable for all rooms, without disorienting the guests who stay there.

Practical question

In the hotels, there is a lot of time for housekeepers who have to clean the rooms and change the sheets in record time, especially in large structures. And in these cases, the advantage of white sheets is that they are interchangeable. That is to say that they can suit all rooms and allow the cleaning staff to not waste time knowing what sheets of such color goes in such room … You follow me?

Considering the appearance of fashion: the white never goes out of fashion, since his arrival in the 90’s, where hotels use white sheets because of its ease to be cleaned, he remained d news. White linen, in addition to being easily cleaned, has the merit of being neutral, and to agree with the tastes of most visitors.

White is an eternal color, which combines with any other color. A room can be periodically renewed if we change the textile accessories such as blankets, throws, cushions, bedspreads, according to fashion, but keep the white sheets avoids the big investments in the eventuality where replacement sheets should be found. In summary, despite the multitude of colors available, white remains a reasonable and practical choice for hotels.

hotels use white sheetsHow to restore the brightness of white bed linen?

For keeping white bedding clean from becoming dull and becoming gray or yellow as you wash, spray it with water and a small amount of white vinegar before putting it in the machine.

Maybe you were thinking of using bleach to lighten your white laundry even more. Renounce this idea, this very astringent product attacks the linen and weakens it. In the same way, it is not recommended to add softener, as it tends to yellow the bed linen. On the other hand, you can opt for a blue soap, which will give new radiance to your white bed linen.

There is also a very practical aspect to the white beds. The theme all in white tends to extend in the bathroom (for bathrobes and towels). At the time hotel staff uses to do the laundry, they are allow to throw bedding, towels and rest of the unclean fabrics in the equivalent washing machine with no worrying regarding the color.