How to determine your actual hair type

Both men and women prefer to think about the welfare of their hairstyles. There are several items that promise results, but you need to start with basics to figure out what your hair type is in order to improve the quality of your hair. Shampoos, packaging and adjacent items have been developed for various forms. Therefore, if you have thin hair and use a product that deals with coarsely elegant hair, you would possibly be frustrated and blame the maker instead of admitting your mistake of determining an actual hair type.

You will be able to find out what hair you have with a simple trick: remove a single hair and position it on a sheet of paper. If it was easy to take it out and you find it hard to see the hair on paper, it means you have thin hair. If the hair’s grain was fairly easy to search and can be seen on the sheets, your hair has a natural texture, and when you find it difficult to take the hair grain out, you thought it was a little rough and it really stood out on the sheet.type of hair

You should select a decent shampoo and conditioner, depending on your hair type. Opinions are split as to how much you can wash your hair. Excess sebum is typically associated with puberty and teens, however for older adults, oily hair is not unusual. For example, adolescents with acne should wash their hair as much as possible to avoid additional sebum from touching their pores. If you want to grow your hair long you can seldom wash it, because it can be seriously harmed by constant heat exposure (if you are using a hairdryer) and hot water. Water helps proteins get through the grains of the hair.

At least once a week, you can also treat your hair by finding an hair type. You can select either cosmetic hair masks or home-made natural items. The purpose of this treatment is to moisturize and hydrate your hair and scalp without weighing it down.

A generous oil application is recommended the night before washing your hair as this will condition your hair and scalp and also stimulate oil glands and circulation. Apply a moisturizing mask once a week if your hair is very dry and damaged. After washing your hair, avoid vigorous drying by a towel, as this will strip vital moisture. Squeeze excess water from the hair and dry the blot with a towel instead.