How to sharpen an axe with a grinder


Maintaining your axes sharp is essential for maintaining them efficient, secure, and reliable. We will see how you can sharp your axe by hand at home utilizing tools. We will also check out how to sharp an axe with tools such as a Dremel tool or bench grinder. For all those lacking fundamental tools, we’ve integrated a bonus segment of two techniques to correctly sharpen an axe without tools utilizing a rock.

Suggested Security Gear

Security is essential when sharpening an axe. You are operating about a blade that cut you deep with 1 wrong move. We suggest you use eye protection and leather security gloves. Regardless of which sharpening procedure you use, maintaining your eyes and hands secure is a necessity.

sharpen an axe with a grinder

Cleaning the axe head

Cleaning the axe head first removes any grime or rust which makes sharpening the axe tougher. Safe your axe in both a bench vice and your lap using the axe head in between your legs like the image over. Utilizing steel wool, buff away any surface rust and grime. As long while you get most of it cleaned off, you can move on to your favoured sharpening technique.

How to sharpen an axe having a bench grinder

Bench grinders can consider away lots of materials rapidly. Following a couple of minutes of grinding, you can consider away a lot of harm that would’ve needed lots of filing by hand. A fast touch up having a mill file afterwards, and your axe will be sharp like a new razor. Sharpening head of your axe with a grinder is not perfect, because the heat from grinding can damage the axe head’s steel temper. Dunk the axe head inside a tub of water to awesome it and protect the temper. Be certain to restrict the quantity of materials you consider a way to a minimal.

You have now received a polished and sharp axe head that is prepared for something you determine to place it up against. Whilst your even the toughest axe edges will not remain sharp permanently, here’s a fast checklist of suggestions to assist care for the axe’s newfound edge and preserve the deal with wood.

  • Use a chopping block to steer clear of chopping on grime and rocks to maintain grime from embedding within the metal
  • Cover the axe head and carry it inside a waxed leather mask anytime feasible to stop corrosion due to moisture

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